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Asthma cannot be cured it can only be managed

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, the precise cause of which is incompletely understood. In susceptible individuals, inflammatory symptoms are usually associated with widespread, variable airflow obstruction and an increase in airways’ response to a variety of stimuli. Obstruction is usually reversible either spontaneously or with treatment. This is a disease of…

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What you should know about stroke.

  Hello! My name is Titi. I have cared for people with stroke recently and I will like to tell you what I have experienced. I will discuss all the essential conditions that relates to stroke. Stroke has been classified as the most disabling chronic disease, with deleterious consequences for individuals’ families and society. Ischaemic…

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Why are People Getting Sicker?

Why are People Getting Sicker? Looking around we have hospitals, specialist units (such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, rheumatology, nutritionist, dietician etc.) doctors, supplements, yet we have high rate of disease. Obviously, media will tell us people get sick because of food contamination, pollution in air, water contaminated fruits and vegetable. What we don’t realise is…

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