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The mission of Rontop Inhealth Foundation is to preserve, promote, and improve the health and well being of populations, communities, and individuals. To fulfill this mission, we nurture collaborations among public health and the health professions in education and awareness programs, and service.


We aim to concentrate on wellness prevention and health promotion

To change and improve societal health behaviours.

We aim to provide medical information on our website

Our goal is to provide excellent educational programs to increase patient responsibility for important aspects of societal self-care, monitoring and continuity of care.

Teaching and learning improves people safety and adherence to interventions as well as their satisfaction.

We are prepared to address the multifaceted health needs of populations, communities and individuals.

Our program helps both healthcare providers and organisation produce better outcome and enhance quality of care.

With our education materials, we help people understand medical complexity while reducing anxiety and increasing compliance and treatment.


  • Organised a strong and diverse health awareness program
  • Maintain ongoing support to the who needs our support.
  • Maintain and enhance excellent health programs that highlight behavioral change, retainment and practice.


  • Provide successful health activities enhancing our cause funding.
  • Promote health prevent illness and prolong life within the society.
  • Produce and circulate knowledge that contributes to the health of communities and individuals


  • Provide professional service to the community
  • Provide professional service to the RIF.
  • Provide educational programs that meet people’s development needs



These values guide our health education, Public health promotion and our awareness activities, and we strive to impart them to community group and individual to our commitment to excellence

  • Diversity
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Integrity
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Social responsibility
  • Teamwork