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What is Arthritis

Bones provides support for the body and aids it in its movement, the place where two or more bones meet is called the joint. Joint may be immoveable slightly moveable or freely moveable. The synovium membrane surrounds the moveable joints inside the membrane the synovia fluid lubricates and flourishes the joint tissue such as cartilage….

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Public Health Analysis Issues “OBESITY”

Health Promotion Activity and Obesity                                                                            Obesity is a disease categorised by some writer as epidemic whereas some classify it as a life style disease (Doyle, 2001).  Doyle (2001) & Blaxter (1990) cited behavioural diseases related to aetiology of lifestyle disease as poor product, lack of physical activity and cigarette smoking. Mrs B was 48 a…

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Public Health Promotion

Health enhancement and disease prevention is the concern of health promotion. In order to promote healthier health, the heart of health promotion is to change individual behaviour aspect of belief and attitude considered to mediate behaviour (Bennett & Murphy, 1998). Health promotion could be defined as educating individual and communities in relation to their health…

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