Public Health Promotion

Health enhancement and disease prevention is the concern of health promotion. In order to promote healthier health, the heart of health promotion is to change individual behaviour aspect of belief and attitude considered to mediate behaviour (Bennett & Murphy, 1998). Health promotion could be defined as educating individual and communities in relation to their health status (Ewles & Simnett, 1997).  Arguably, approaches such as advertisement and sales could be referring to non health promotion strategy as importance of health promotion is not necessarily nurture.

Described by Miben & Macleod (1995) was health promotion an aspect of supporting and encouraging better approaches to life, it is empowering people to be conscious of their environment and contributing factors that manipulate their position of mind. According to Nutbeam & Bauman (2006), health education is an important element of steps towards promoting health and disease preventing. Promoting health could also be seen as enlightenment and communication of disease prevention and promoters improvement.  Lifestyle disease is defined by health professional as the role choices of lifestyle play in a particular disease. Stated in Townsend et al., (1988) was a developed country population pandemic analysis was role of social, environment and economic factors of disease risk and unpleasant aspect from risk of disease.

Individual behavioural patterns and nature are influenced by status of health but progression determinant of it is based on individual differences in environmental circumstances, social and economic factors. Confirmed was definition of health promotion as promotion of public health by making people take control over the modifiable determinant of health (World Health Organisation, (WHO) 1997). Other factors considered influenced determinant of health aside from personal behaviour by Nutbeam & Bauman (2006) are: public policy, living condition and working condition these factors have independent influence on health.