Why are People Getting Sicker?

Why are People Getting Sicker?
Looking around we have hospitals, specialist units (such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, rheumatology, nutritionist, dietician etc.) doctors, supplements, yet we have high rate of disease. Obviously, media will tell us people get sick because of food contamination, pollution in air, water contaminated fruits and vegetable.
What we don’t realise is investing in our prevention. Although, there is no research to prove this, but I believe an investment in prevention will reduce the number of people getting sick. We all know that when we get ill if we are lucky enough we end up with or without a lifetime medication.

As a healthcare provider and public health promoter, I observed key basic commonality in those people I cared for considering their lifestyle six to twelve months prior to their diagnosis. I found out that considering these commonalities will promote our chances of beating illness. Disease does not grow overnight.

There are certain diseases that are genetic in nature or we do not know why they occur or beyond our control, these are small portion.”
If there is a family history, we can delay an onset of it or the trigger. Although, family history is a predictor of person’s disease risk (Kardia et al., 2003). However, Rebbeck (2002), highlighted that behaviour such as lifestyle choice plays a vital role in genetic models and environmental interactions in our health outcome. It is important to note that gene-environment interactions contribute to the initiation and maintenance of poor health. Creating a wrong environment in your body or around you make a bad gene manifest what your belief is you, and your environment controlling your gene.

First, we do not look at the root course or trigger of our lifestyle: –
Emotional Stress: We all have our day to day stress, Chronic emotional stress is what we should avoid, examples; Financial issues, divorce, loss of loved one, lack of self confidence etc.
Chronic constipation: This is a disease storing toxic waste in the system. Most especially in women when oestrogen is not passing out going back to the liver and back in the body cell.
Low sleep: Sleep is an inbuilt product of nature. During our sleep, we produce Melatonin hormone a body natural pacemaker, it makes us sleep better when it is secreted, it regulates other hormones (UMM,2016).
Acidity: A highly acidic body provide ground for pathogens germs virus etc., it gives chances to disease to grow and spread. It is important to keep your body balance and optimal with your diet. Therefore, we maintain body Alkaline (The PH level measure Acid-Alkaline on a scale of 0-14 < 7 is Acidic, > is Alkaline PH of 7 is neutral).

Living a sedentary lifestyle gives an additional weight gain, low water intake, without control of it we lose control of our thought, our brain cannot function well, we get constipated and acidic. Same goes for emotional stress, it causes constipation acidity and less sleep. All these four-basic commonalities mentioned above are correlated.

Think about the four commonalities above if you are diagnosed with any condition, fix it, take your prescribed drug it will help you through the journey by suppressing your symptoms while working towards the goal of your lifestyle modification. Mind you, it is not curing it but managing it.

Take the ownership of your health, you are responsible for your health make the lifestyle changes, control your acidity, eat well, move away from toxic people, move well, have a good night sleep and do the things you love; exercise and meditate.

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